Young people & health care reform

I am a 20-something with several 20-something friends. Most of them want universal health care. So I asked them a question: do you expect to get more when you retire out of Social Security and Medicare than you put in in the 50 years until then? No, they said. Even if you are for the *concept* of universal coverage, if you don't see it realistically being solvent when you're over 50 and likely to need it; then you're an idiot for supporting it. I just lived for a year in the Netherlands, which recently reformed its health coverage from a universal single-payer model to a mandated coverage model because the single-payer model went bankrupt in about half the span of a normal career. All those people who paid 65% taxes for the first 20 of their productive years, and barely used the service, are now being forced to buy insurance at market rates.

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