The ACORN files

Well, I finally got around to watching the ACORN prostitution vids... okay, it was the Daily show version of them. I've got to say, until they went into the Salvadorean child prostitutes, I was totally with ACORN on this one. Prostitution should not be a crime in the first place, and bureaucracy is reprehensible in the second place; using one against the other strikes me a enormously satisfying.

Of course, everyone's getting all weewee'd up here because ACORN is 40% funded with government money. Congress de-authorized them, but why was a group that is overtly political, and accused multiple times of voter fraud getting federal funding in the first place? And why is prostitution the breaking point? Do we really think, as a society, that a woman selling her body for money is worse than voter fraud? Really? As long as government is allowed and encouraged to fund nebulous things like "community organizations," this is inevitable. And now everyone who was "organizing" is off in the background instead of right where we know they're a bunch of partisan hacks. And it's happening on both sides. De-funding ACORN without getting rid of all federal funding for community organizers is like curing smallpox by popping a pustule.

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Ian said...

I agree with you Roga! here is a nice piece from the NY Times last week looking at a cross-section of opinions on this: