Movie Night

Gemma and I had stolen movie night last night, where we save money by stealing a movie and watching it. Actually, every night is stolen movie night for Gemma, but since I find about 95% of movies to be a waste of the part of my life I spent watching them, we strike a once-a-week or so compromise.

The movie was Sunshine Cleaners, starring Amy Adams and some other people. I thought it was a very good movie. The plot is a single mom who starts a crime-scene cleanup business so she can get her son out of public school, where they want to put the (intelligent but weird) boy on drugs and in special ed classes. Anyway, this is basically the vehicle that allows the woman to finally cut ties with her high school baggage, and it helps her family get over some nasty stuff in the past too. What I liked about it was that it wasn't a lottery ticket - I mean, getting an in on cleaning up dead people ain't exactly winning American Idol. Instead, the various characters taking on responsibility and risk and was their vehicle towards freedom and happiness.

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