Economics 000

Planet Money brought to light the kind of drek that your tax dollars are putting in schools these days. I suppose this passes as economics education these days, which makes it all the more likely that my children will be home-schooled or private schooled or at least employed in a sweatshop sewing sneakers somewhere... at least they'll learn about supply and demand. There were a lot of funny moments in the film (watch it!), some !what! moments too. The narrator seems to forget that we are all producers as well as consumers... which is ironic, because this video is going to give a lot of little people a "consumer complex." You mean I'm not useful for anything but buying and disposing of consumer goods? Let's put it this way: when Planet Money is openly questioning whether you're full of shit, you're full of shit.

I'd love to show this to some 12 year old Indian kid whose choices in life are between farming a barely-farmable half-acre in hopes of feeding his family at the whims of the rain, and dying at the ripe old age of 44, versus working in a factory in Madras for the evil corporate machine. I'm sure he would go for the "sustainable" option.

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