Blog Challenge Verdict: Free Darko

Free Darko was kind of a gimicky site.  I'll put it this way:  there are two types of sports reporting (and I say this having been a sports reporter from time to time).  There is reporting and commentary.  Reporting is when you say what happened, or what is happening.  Commentary is when you guess about what will happen, or why it is happening.  Commentary in sports is usually a semi-pleasant diversion.  That is why I like Reiss's Pieces - it feeds me facts, even completely trivial ones, at an alarming rate.  Even the commentary there is action, because most of it is in the form of mailbags or chats.  It's why I sometimes feel empty after posting something that doesn't link to a story with a graph.

Free Darko is all about the commentary side.  You don't see much in the way of stats, or play by play, or news... it's tongue-in-cheek, satire-of-itself commentary, but it is sports commentary nonetheless.  In fact, it seems like a large minority of the commentary isn't even about basketball, but rather about the Free Darko blog.  I'm not saying it's a bad blog, it just didn't really show me anything I would come back for.

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